The nightclub scene in Vegas will never be the same once you take advantage of this FREE mobile marketing series!

See why so many bars and clubs in Nevada are using text message marketing. mobile apps and websites to keep the party going all night long!

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If you own a bar or nightclub in Las Vegas, NV – - you know that nightlife in Vegas is a competitive industry. Our free training on mobile marketing for bars in Las Vegas will show you all about mobile apps, mobile apps developers, mobile websites and text message marketing.

Learn to use these nightclub mobile marketing tools to fill up your space on slow nights, sell out special events and enhance your brand!



Bar nightclub mobile marketing las vegas


For nightclub mobile marketing, Las Vegas is ripe for your efforts. If you manage a bar or website, you need know how to make a mobile website and all of the nuances of mobile website marketing. For bar mobile marketing, you should also consider mobile apps development and text message marketing. With downloads approaching over a billions per month, mobile apps – Las Vegas specific – can drive brand interest and revenues. You can watch and learn right now for free – all you need to know about nightclub mobile marketing and mobile marketing for bars in Las Vegas – from mobile apps to mobile website design to QR codes!

Many think of texters as young adults, but the average age of texters is now approaching 40. This means that whatever the customer demographic is for your bar or nightclub, from 18 to 80 – text message marketing will work for you. Our free training on nightclub mobile marketing and bar mobile marketing will teach you all aspects of mobile marketing strategy, including:

  • How mobile website development differs drastically from the traditional website
  • How to work with a mobile apps developer to design an app that will bring in business
  • Where to find the lowest cost mobile marketing platform
  • What is and why you need an SMS gateway
  • How to brainstorm concepts for mobile apps – Las Vegas-centric ideas – and get a top-notch mobile apps developer to work with you
  • How text message marketing is the lynchpin of nightclub mobile marketing – Las Vegas specific


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How Can Nightclub Mobile Marketing Work for My Establishment?

Half of all US phones are smart phones that people are using to surf the mobile web – web browsing with computers is on the decline and the mobile web is exploding. If your NV night spot doesn’t have mobile websites, you may as well not be on the internet at all. Traditional sites load too slow – mobile users expect full site availability within 3 seconds – so your mobile apps development has to be all about optimizing your content for the small screen.

  • You need to reach out through mobile website marketing that has geo-location functions so patrons can see where you are and what you offer.
  • You need to know how to make a mobile website that will load fast, offer the content patrons want quickly and communicate why they should come in right away
  • You need to understand the power of mobile apps – Las Vegas club-goers and partyers love apps that entertain and fuel their busy social lives
  • You need to try instant contact with customers – text message marketing is immediate, intimate and imperative
  • You should know that you can do all these things with just an SMS gateway, mobile marketing platform, mobile website development consultant, mobile apps development consultant, a little bit of $$ and some creative ideas
Our free video course on nightclub mobile marketing – Las Vegas nightlife specific – will teach you how to increase patronage and revenues through:
  • Mobile apps development – if you build them they will download them
  • Mobile website design – it’s about optimal content, not maximum content
  • Mobile website marketing – make mobile meaningful
  • QR codes – make a plan for the scan


bar and nightclub mobile websites las vegas


What Will You Teach Me?

Our free videos training on mobile marketing for bars in Las Vegas will teach you both basic and intermediate (and a little advanced) mobile marketing including:

  • ABCs of mobile websites – how they differ radically from standard websites and why your marketing outlook is bleak without them
  • Basics of mobile website development – how to approach mobile website design how to make a mobile website quickly and affordably
  • 123s of mobile apps – what they are and how they can change your marketing outlook
  • Simple strategies for mobile apps – Las Vegas NV specific tips – and how to locate and work with a mobile apps developer
  • Tactics for text message marketing programs – how you can get a low cost mobile marketing platform and SMS gateway and get started right away


mobile marketing strategy for bars and clubs in nevada



All this information and more is waiting for you in our free video training on aspects of mobile website design – including how to make a mobile website – tips for launching mobile apps – Las Vegas bar and nightclub specific all you need to know about mobile marketing in general! Start now!

“I manage a nightclub just off the strip and I was blowing through my whole marketing budget on print materials – postcards, flyers and  more – that just weren’t bringing in the volume or type of clientele I wanted. After I saw your course on mobile marketing for bars in Las Vegas NV, I decided to convert my print budget over to nightclub mobile marketing. Las Vegas club-goers are heavy texters so this just made sense. I was surprised to find that I was able to pay for mobile website development and get a mobile marketing platform and an SMS gateway and start my text message marketing program and still had money left over. Your program rocks!”
Dean - N. Las Vegas
“Our Vegas nightlife magazine wanted to deepen our relationship with our NV readers through mobile marketing. I watched your free bar mobile marketing videos. We quickly got a mobile marketing platform, SMS gateway and whipped out a couple of mobile websites. To drive opt-ins to our list, we offered drawings for gift certificates for free apps and drinks from different hip restaurants and we were able to meet our list goal within just two months. Once we had the list, we combined text message marketing with mobile website marketing and QR codes to find out more about our readers, their interests and to learn which offers would appeal to them most.  Now we send out a couple of offers each month, targeted for our biggest advertisers – this has nearly tripled our ad revenue. Clubs want to place ads to take advantage of promos from our list. Thank you!”
Jess – Winchester
“Our bar is more of a neighborhood pub for locals than a hot spot for tourists – we had some regulars but needed more business into the bar. Mobile marketing made sense after watching your free training on mobile marketing for bars in Las Vegas. We used your ideas and started out with mobile website design, then tried QR codes. Both worked great. My next project is mobile apps development – I’m working with a mobile apps developer and we are designing a dart throwing app that’s a really cool little game. It’s one of the kind of mobile apps with in-game ads for the bar and once you earn a certain amount of points, you get a free game. I’m really excited to see what happens when we launch our mobile apps – Las Vegas has been good to our little bar and it’s only getting better!”
Dylan – Enterprise

Try our free videos about nightclub mobile marketing – Las Vegas bar owners – you must try this! From how to make a mobile website and how to use mobile website marketing to creative ideas for mobile apps, QR codes and more! Our nightclub mobile marketing and bar mobile marketing videos will give you the boost you need to launch a successful mobile marketing program – start today!


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Free mobile marketing training for clubs and bars las vegas NV