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If you are a business owner in Vegas, you need to watch our free video on mobile marketing service – Las Vegas smart phone owners want to find your business on the mobile web and get free text offers on their cell phones from you. The key to success is a strategy for local mobile marketing. Las Vegas is a competitive marketplace – you need to know how to reach the busy NV consumer where they are and make them offers they can’t refuse using strategies of mobile marketing service.


Mobile Marketing Services Las Vegas Nevada


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“Our doctor’s office in the suburbs of Las Vegas NV was struggling with missed appointments wasting our doctor’s time – I saw your videos training on mobile marketing solutions and decided I wanted to try a mobile marketing service – Las Vegas patients are notoriously busy and overbooked, so they need reminders. By using a text message marketing service, we can text out appointment reminders and messages that check-ups and follow-ups are due. This mobile marketing service has helped decrease cancellations by 64%.”
Jeri – Spring Valley
“I’m the youth minister at a Las Vegas NV church and I wanted to reach the kids on their cell phones since they’re always texting anyway. Your video on text message marketing service was just what I needed – plus the other mobile marketing solutions were also interesting – like apps and mobile sites. I’ve been using a mobile marketing service consultant to send out messages about youth rallies, events and reminders to stay positive and set a good example at home and school. The kids love them – they text me back and its helped build a digital rapport between us – - thanks for the tips on local mobile marketing – Las Vegas churches take notice!”
Daniel – Boulder City
“I’m a Vegas realtor and the market is tough right now, so I was interested in real estate mobile marketing service – - your training on all the different mobile marketing solutions was very helpful. Real estate mobile marketing service like text message marketing service, QR codes and mobile sites have been helping me get viewings and conversions. I was especially eager to try QR code mobile marketing service. Las Vegas home buyers always have their smart phones on them and it just makes sense – thanks to you I’ve got a handle on real estate mobile marketing service – thanks!”
Glynn –North Las Vegas


Free training for Las vegas mobile marketing services

Try our FREE training on local mobile marketing. Las Vegas business owners are learning to use mobile marketing services like mobile sites, apps and text message marketing service to drive revenues and bring in customers from all over Las Vegas, NV. Our training will show you all the types of mobile marketing service including real estate mobile marketing service, text messaging and QR codes to reach your target customers in Vegas.



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