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Try our course on SMS text message marketing for FREE today – Have you ever wondered about the power of text message marketing? Las Vegas business owners, start learning today how you can send advertising direct to your customer’s cell phones through SMS text marketing and have them read 90% of the time!

Learn all about mobile text marketing plus free training on mobile marketing as well!


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Busy Las Vegas consumers are out and about with smart phones in hand – surfing the mobile web, reading and sending texts – 400% more than even two years ago. No matter what your small business does, text message marketing can increase your visibility and bring in more business and profits. Try our free SMS mobile marketing training to see how easy it is to find free SMS marketing software, an SMS marketing platform and get started with SMS text marketing right away!

Today more than ever, America is an increasingly mobile society that prefers to access the web on the go on smart phones – even laptops are declining in popularity as web-surfing devices.  Consumers prefer the direct intimate contact of SMS marketing. Las Vegas business owners are using bulk SMS marketing, working with text message marketing companies, SMS marketing software and an SMS marketing platform, to drive new and repeat business as well as customer referrals.


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SMS text marketing is inexpensive and effective – with a 5-29% response rate per SMS text marketing message, depending on the relevance and value of the SMS text message marketing offer, you will see 10x better responses than print ads and 5x  better responses with text message marketing than direct mail in the US! SMS marketing companies can help you generate revenues using SMS text marketing.  Make sure you read our Tatango Reviews to learn about one of the top SMS marketing companies.

Businesses just like yours are using SMS Marketing Companies, low-cost SMS Marketing Software and a simple SMS Marketing Platform to launch successful SMS mobile marketing campaigns and you can too!e

Learn all about SMS marketing service included with our free mobile marketing training videos. See how businesses in Las Vegas are using SMS text marketing, such as:

  • Golf courses with open tee times, working with their text message marketing reseller, send out mobile text marketing offers, good for a same-day only discount
  • Dry cleaners who see a dip in visits by regulars are using text message marketing companies and text message marketing software to reach out using bulk SMS marketing to tell them they’ve missed seeing them and offering a short-term discount offer to invite them back in
  • SMS marketing companies help Vegas shows with empty seats by sending out special last-minute offers via SMS text message marketing to fill empty seats – discount seats filled are more profitable than empty seats
  • Retailers use SMS marketing service to promote new merchandise, sales items about to go out of season and special events – it’s easy to generate sales through SMS marketing – Las Vegas shop owners are working with text message marketing reseller and SMS marketing companies to drive revenues


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Our videos are free and will teach you all about text message marketing – Las Vegas business owners, small and large alike – are working with text message marketing companies to launch successful text message marketing campaigns.

Are you ready to try text message marketing? Las Vegas business owners can profit from text message marketing – use our free SMS text marketing training to learn about SMS marketing service and see:
  • How profitable it can be to use text message marketing – Las Vegas shoppers, gamblers and dinerslove SMS mobile marketing offers!
  • How simple it is to launch a campaign of SMS marketing – Las Vegas businesses are learning to use text message marketing software themselves or opting to work with a text message marketing reseller to start their SMS marketing service
  • How, by sending SMS marketing, Las Vegas business owners are building interactive relationships through mobile text marketing to find out more about their customers, their spending habits and all the information you need to fine-tine your SMS mobile marketing messages to make them most effective
  • How simple it is to use text message marketing software to send bulk SMS marketing or SMS text marketing messages focused on certain groups. Text message marketing can be done yourself or working with a text message marketing reseller.


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Try today – for free – our training on mobile marketing and learn all about SMS marketing! Las Vegas business owners act now!

“Vegas nightlife is plentiful, so it’s important to be able to reach club-goers to let them know what you’ve got going on – before watching your SMS marketing service training, we were dropping big money on flyers, postcards and signage to promote our events. Problem was, they got handed out to everyone – underage, seniors and adults – rather than just to our target crowd. Instead, SMS text message marketing is laser-focused. Now, working with a text message marketing reseller, we have been able to build a database of our guests and we send out SMS text marketing offers to draw in club-goers with special offers. This has been particularly great on slow nights. Now we send out bulk SMS marketing offers on slow nights and more limited mobile text marketing messages to fill exclusive events.”
Ronny – Vegas Strip
“I manage a concert and entertainment venue in Vegas and it’s important that I sell out events so acts continue to choose our location. Seeing your SMS text message marketing videos gave me some great ideas. I consulted with a couple of text message marketing companies on which SMS marketing software to use and which SMS marketing platform I needed – -

Now we’ve got banners and video screens at all the events with a text opt-in offer to get free merch at the event or discount tickets to an upcoming event. Now I’ve got a database of over 6,500 customers who regularly attend events – for concerts and events with tickets still available, I send out last minute text message marketing. Las Vegas customers snap up the discounted tickets and my arena stays full. I’m never going back to print advertising – mobile text marketing is the way to go!”

Jess - Winchester

Learn how SMS marketing companies can help you launch affordable, effective bulk  SMS marketing campaigns using free SMS marketing software to increase your business and profits! Start today with our free mobile marketing video training course featuring all you need to know about SMS text marketing, text message marketing companies, text message marketing software and choosing an SMS marketing platform – try it now!


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