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For a short time – Las Vegas business owners can try our video training on mobile marketing services for absolutely FREE! Learn how mobile marketing companies can help you launch mobile marketing campaigns to drive customers opt-ins you can use for text message advertising and more! Start now!

Mobile marketing firms are ready to help your Las Vegas business tap into the low-cost, high-return realm of mobile marketing.  From mobile websites to texting apps and more, our free course will show you what a mobile marketing agency can do for you – which mobile marketing service has the lowest cost and most effective results – and why you need mobile marketing companies – Las Vegas business owners need to be in mobile marketing – start today for free – why are you waiting?


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Whatever niche your business is in – retail, healthcare, casino, nightclub or any other – you can benefit from mobile marketing services. Working with a mobile marketing reseller, mobile marketing consultant or mobile marketing agency, Las Vegas businesses can launch mobile marketing campaigns rapidly and with a very low investment.

With email read rates tumbling and text read rates hovering around 90%, it just makes sense to send your marketing offers through channels that are open. Cell phones outnumber computers by 4 to 1 – and this gap is widening – and the percentage of those cell phones that are iPhones, Android or other smart phones is increasing.

Check out what our free videos will show you – – all the details on mobile marketing services plus the perks of working with a mobile marketing agency – Las Vegas business owners like you will learn…

Training Video #1 – Text Message Marketing
Text-Message-Marketing-Training las vegas

With 95% read rates and 20% response rates, the effectiveness of text message marketing is unparalleled. Nightclubs use text marketing to promote special events, draw last minute crowds on slow nights and sell out special events.

Training Video #2 – Mobile Websites
Mobile App training las vegas

Your business is judged by its mobile web presence – if customers don’t have a good experience, they may not be back. Retail stores use mobile sites to promote new merchandise and move clearance goods, provide directions that tie into smart phone nav systems and more.

Training Video #3 – Mobile Apps for Businesses
Mobile App training las vegas

This mobile marketing service is in exponential growth mode – if you can be useful, inform or entertain with a free app, you can increase your customer base and drive revenues! Churches use inspirational apps to increase their parishioner base.

What Are Mobile Marketing Companies and How Can They Help Me?

Mobile marketing companies help you analyze your business needs and decide which mobile marketing services will be most effective for your small business. Once you decide which mobile marketing service or services to use, the mobile marketing agency (another name MM companies go by) will help you design mobile marketing campaigns to implement the strategy.

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Whether the mobile marketing companies directly provide the mobile marketing service they recommended or recommend a mobile marketing reseller, you will be able to quickly implement and see results.

Read these examples of successful mobile marketing campaigns launched in Las Vegas:
  • A Vegas mobile marketing agency worked with a DJ management company on a text marketing campaign – at events, they displayed banners to invite party goers to opt in to their text database for a chance to win a free DJ event – they text out to the list offering discount rates when they need bookings
  • A local nightclub worked with a mobile marketing consultant build a list of 2,000 text numbers in just 2 weeks by offering exclusive events for list members and discount admissions – after building the list, they used a mobile marketing reseller to launch their first text campaign which produced over $6,000 in profit
  •  Using a mobile marketing agency, Las Vegas hotels are using their customer database to send out last minute getaway offers to fill empty rooms – deals are sent out 2-3 times per month when vacancy rates are peaking – some offer free casino credits, some a free show and others a free spa treatment depending on the demographic of the customer

Working with mobile marketing companies, Las Vegas small business owners are seeing mobile offer redemption rates between 11-24%. Whether you decide to work with a mobile marketing consultant, mobile marketing reseller, mobile marketing agency or one of the many mobile marketing firms around Vegas, your small business needs to implement a mobile marketing strategy or risk losing business to competitors who are more tech savvy.


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Our free training videos will show you the benefits of working with mobile marketing companies. Las Vegas has bars, nightclubs and casinos galore, so competition is fierce – you need every possible tool at your disposal – and one of the most powerful of these is the expertise of the mobile marketing agency – Las Vegas has many excellent mobile marketing firms to choose from.

Start learning today – for free – we’ll tell you what mobile marketing companies can do for your small business and how to find the best mobile marketing companies. Las Vegas has many, but you want only the best. We’ll show you the pro’s, con’s and costs of using mobile marketing firms and secret strategies of the top mobile marketing agency. Las Vegas business owners act now!


“I own a gas station on the outskirts of Vegas and I was looking to cut my advertising budget. I saw your free videos on mobile marketing services and was instantly interested. I’ve started working with a mobile marketing consultant on building a text marketing database. We’ve been promoting opt-ins with promises of texts alerting customers before gas prices go up. This mobile marketing service has been extremely effective – when I send out the text notice of a coming price increase, customers flock in – for those that can’t make it in before the price ups, I offer a 5 cent discount if they make it in before a set time – usually within 24 hours. I’m getting a better than 20% response rate.”
Kevin – Red Rocks

“After watching your free videos on the advantages of using mobile marketing firms to launch mobile marketing campaigns, my liquor store has launched a text campaign – to get opt-ins we gave away free t-shirts – we send out cocktail recipes with discounts on the featured liquors, discounts for same-day purchases on slow sales days and text to pick-up orders to help customers get in and out of our store faster. We’ve had an enormous response rate and the text-in ordering has driven up sales by greater than 20%. It’s been amazing. Can’t thank you enough!”
Jon – Henderson

Don’t wait another moment to access our free training on the benefits of using mobile marketing companies. Las Vegas business owners are looking to the mobile marketing reseller and mobile marketing consultant to help them develop mobile marketing strategies. Start learning all about the benefits of using a mobile marketing agency! Our videos are free – check them out now…

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